Why Specter?

  • Better Than Factory Guarantee
    Suspension factories aren't perfect. We've found a number of common design and manufacturing issues across brands that limit performance. With the tools and know-how to fix these issues, your suspension will perform better than factory fresh after our service. Guaranteed.

  • Experienced & Knowledgeable Service
    With over a decade of experience in suspension service and mechanical engineering combined, we've serviced every type and age of bicycle suspension imaginable, plus we understand suspension engineering and manufacturing. We use this knowledge to bring you a higher level of suspension service.

  • We Ride The Same Products We Service. Hard.
    Dirt Jumps, Bike Park, E-Bike Laps, Backyard Sur Ron tracks...We understand what works and what doesn't because we ride the same stuff! Testing suspension hard on the trail helps inform us on how to make it perform better for you.

Trevor Elson, Founder & CEO
Specter Suspension

Bend, OR